The Ventrue Derivatives

“Dear, never forget one little point. It’s my business. You just work here.” -Elizabeth Arden

Listed below are the bloodlines derived from the Ventrue stock. They are specific only because of both notoriety and number.

Malkovian- Lunatics. They see their world through the reflection of a broken mirror. AKA, they’re flippin’ crazy! It is often very difficult to tell a Ventrue and Malkovian apart. This difficulty upsets the Ventrue greatly, as it often starts rumors of a contamination in the blood. Often, Malkovians pretend to be something else (generally Ventrue), so they favor making allegiances to whatever makes the most sense for their assumed identity. Be cautious when dealing with Malkovians, there is no telling what kindness may lead to. Mental and Social are even in rank towards personal priority. Their mainstay is: Hollywood, usually. They are disciplined in: Auspex, Dominate, Obfuscate, and Resilience. [VtR]

Architects of the Monolith- Masons. Although they are very much like their Ventrue parents, imagine the Masons as a more concentrated version. They all suffer megalomania. They all care for personal power and control, risking everyone and anything. They have their uses, but due to how dangerous they can be, their line has been put down by the Sanctified of the Lancea Sanctum - God bless them. There are still around though. They tend to dress more modern than conservative, compared to true Ventrue. You can usually see them sport the newest couture lines from Europe all the time. Their mainstay is: Santa Monica, Palos Verdes, Long Beach, and Beverly Hills. They are disciplined in: Auspex, Dominate, Gilded Cage, and Resilience. [_The Hidden]

Nahualli- Jekylls. A bloodline started in Mexico, its founder believe in the dual-soul of the Kindred. A part that is the Beast and a part before the Embrace. He believed the balance of the two would create something short of transcendence in a Kindred. Although the bloodline is split between the classic practices and the newer academic approach, an inherent trait of Jekylls is their multiple-personality disorder. Despite the Humanity being prized of all newcomers to the line, the Nahualli practices soon degenerate their morality. It is upon each Jekyll’s shoulder that they find a balance between their Humanity and the Beast, which is already a hard line to walk. Jekylls are usually picked from meztisos, those mixed of Spanish and native blood. They do not have a true mainstay in Los Angeles, perhaps only passing trade if anything. They are disciplined in: Auspex, Dominate, Resilience, and Tezcatl. [_The Hidden]

Bron- Fisher Kings. These Ventrue had a curse bestowed upon them. Some believe it is a curse committed by their quest for the Holy Grail, others believe it is a curse of unlife brought about by a mythical Celtic cauldron. Whichever the case, the curse has caused any Bron’s mainstay to become difficult. The land and nature itself, the order of existence, seems to work against these Fisher Kings. Simple tasks become exceedingly difficult and overall, this lack of control upsets many of these Bron. In a quest for greatness, it sucks to be them. Their mainstay is between Hollywood and Los Angeles. They are disciplined in: Animalism, Crochan, Dominate, Resilience. [_The Legendary]

The Ventrue Derivatives

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