The Nosferatu Derivatives

“People see you as an object, not as a person, and they project a set of expectations onto you. People who don’t have it think beauty is a blessing, but actually it sets you apart.” -Candace Bergen

Listed below are the bloodlines derived from the Nosferatu stock. They are specific only because of both notoriety and number.

Burakumin- Unclean. Their origins began in Japan. Their populations were controlled and never really grew in influence. While a standard Nosferatu deforms, a Burakumin decays and prunes, smelling like stale soil and horrid elderberries. They have grown an affinity for the discipline, Getsumei, which they developed quite potently due to their small numbers. In their Eastern homes, Burakumin congregate out of necessity, as they abhor the maddening solitude… while in the West they do so out of support. They fit the stereotypical asian conservative, choosing to Embrace those who would benefit their business or political goals. Or adversely, Embrace those who are among the beautiful, noble, powerful, or tradionally poius, just to spite them. Their mainstay is: Little Tokyo and Chinatown. They are disciplined in: Getsumei, Nightmare, Obfuscate, and Vigor. [VtR]

Gethsemani- Ecstatic. The Embrace of a nun, by an impassioned Nosferatu, started this bloodline. Initially and majorly religious, they all tend to experience the phenomenon of stigmata. They choose only those who have suffered stigmata at some point in their life, to become an Ecstatic. Without the natural experience of stigmata, the childer only becomes a normal Nosferatu. In the modern nights, a minority of Gethsemani have departed their religious roots and found their vampiric curse more serious than the point of God and forgiveness, this leads to Gethsemani becoming devout participants in other covenants aside from the Lancea Sanctum. Their mainstay is varied, although it is not uncommon to find them seeking refuge in some old Catholic church. They are disciplined in: Nightmare, Obfuscate, Stigmatica, and Vigor. [_The Hidden]

Morotrophians- Monks. In the medieval era, the Monks fed upon the monks and nuns of abbeys who were locked behind walls and where none too much would believe them. These nights, the Monks feed upon the institutionalized where none would believe them behind their madness and spittle. Even orphanages and rehab clinics are their targets. They hold the Malkovians in contempt, for while the Monks are dead sane, the Lunatics who run the facilities have got competition towards who will finally rule the roost. Monks are not ugly compared to their mainstream kin, they often have the look of creepy individuals who perform too many unnecessary surgeries. They often work in any enclosed facility that keeps people in, prisons, monasteries, rehab clinics, retirement homes, and asylums. They are disciplined in: Institutionalize, Nightmare, Obfuscate, and Vigor. [_The Hidden]

The Nosferatu Derivatives

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