The Daeva Derivatives

“Simple pleasures are always the last refuge of the complex” -Oscar Wilde

Listed below are the bloodlines derived from the Daeva stock. They are specific only because of both notoriety and number.

Toreador- Patrons. Collectors, art aficionados, these off-shoots of the Daeva are not as picky as their counterparts. They look to the sophistication of charm, wit, and grace, far more than simplistic concerns about symmetry or bone structure. They care more for art, artistic atlent that inspires them, or a consummate love and learned understanding of fine art. They often Embrace out of guilt or passion, but don’t always welcome those childer afterward. The precision of Toreador’s distinction from any Daeva outside of their pleasures, is their obsession with art and are often obsessed beyond reason towards a piece of their favored style. Their mainstay is: Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Pasadena, and Palos Verdes. They are disciplined in: Celerity, Dominate, Majesty, Vigor. [VtR]

Anvari- Pushers. If anyone has the worst drug-addiction of all Kindred, its the Anvari. They were nearly wiped out during the Inquisition, due to the banning of all Eastern products, including opiates. Their sole source of feeding is off drugged-up, narcotic feeding losers who buy into the Anvari’s products. Being addicts, drinking from one drugged vessel isn’t enough—- what is worse is that every few days, they need to drink from several clean vessels just to feel the rush of their next narcotic batch. Their sensuality being reliant upon narcotics has been a note of embarrassment for all Daeva. Their mainstay is: Hollywood, Downtown Los Angeles, Sunland-Tujunga, and San Fernando. They are disciplined in: Celerity, Majesty, Nepenthe, and Vigor. [_The Hidden]

Nelapsi- Gluttons. This line began in Czechoslovakia. This line is isolated in that region. Why? Because their supreme indulgence is in blood. If art or drugs were excessive, these fools are the very creatures walking in that graphic novel “30 Days of Night”- that was more a documentary than a fictional story. They are awkward around other Kindred, they try to dress fashionably, but this is all a ruse. The entire Kindred existence would hate to see these Gluttons go outside of their zone of choice. They do not have a notable mainstay in Los Angeles… if they did, we’re screwed. They are disciplined in: Celerity, Majesty, Nightmare, and Vigor. [_The Hidden]

The Carnival- Freaks. Something that would belong to a Nosferatu line, somehow ended up in the Daeva line. What started out of a merciful embrace of a carnival freak, multiplied into an increasing threat to the Masquerade which earned a night’s death to the entire show. Some escaped and today carry on the disturbing tradition. Outcast from all covenants, the Freaks travel in roving bands, performing for gatherings of Kindred to exemplify the real horrors of their curse that spreads upon both flesh and bone. They do not stay in one place… they move. They are disciplined in: Celerity, Majesty, the Show, Vigor. [_The Legendary]

Children of Judas- Suicide Kings. Fascinated by the notion of self-destruction practiced by both mortals and Kindred, the Suicide Kings are the notorious lords and ladies of despair. Preferring not to associate with others, they are sometimes looked upon with admiration for their power of despair. They look nothing like Goth-fashionistas, but ultimately normal, often with a touch of make-up. Perhaps it is their unlimited capacity for self-loathing that evokes the need to be normal and their familiarity with despair, an aspect they feel others will inevitably experience. Their mainstays are Pasadena, Long Beach, and Hollywood. They are disciplined in: Auspex, Despond, Majesty, Resilience. [_The Legendary]

The Daeva Derivatives

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