The Bloodlines

Los Angeles is ripe with the multitudes of Vampiric-kind… the Kindred. Tales of being born from the sins of Lilith and Cain, rumors abound of these influences still existing today. Although Kindred are often the key figures in classic horror, even they have their own fears. In the waking dawn, underneath their heightened existence, they are still fragile.

The Five Clans Its not by some coincidence that five is the favorite of any supernatural phenomenon. Of Lilith’s bastard childe, here is the list of the over-arcing clans and short description of their pathetic existence.

Daeva- Emotional, sensual, and desirable. They are usually chosen from society’s elite. I won’t go as far as to say they’re hedonists. But when it comes to indulging their Vice, that major problem in their being, they have to do so—- or they go nuts. They’re social nuts, usually, and they enjoy either being nimble or knowing how to manipulate others. They’re trendy and fashionistas. Passion oriented suckers. Their mainstay is: Santa Monica and Beverly Hills. They’re disciplined in: Celerity, Majesty, and Vigor.

Gangrel- Primal, hardy, and savage. I usually see these scary fucks on the streets. I used to be connected with these guys, but they’re too crazy. Survival-of-the fittest. They respect people who can really take care of themselves, plus they’re very chill with animals. They aren’t savages… not all of them anyway. Self-awareness, self-confidence, self-reliance. Some say our Prince is a Gangrel and I wouldn’t be surprised. They aren’t keen on people though, hence the animal-loving. Their mainstay is: Santa Clarita and Malibu. They’re disciplined in: Animalism, Protean, and Resilience.

Mekhet- Quick, discreet, and wise. Some hate that they’re associated with other Mekhet, others enjoy it. Although they’re all different, what ties them together is the affinity for the Night or some form of it—- like a personal Night. So we got people ranging from club-goers to Emo-goth fuckers. It is fairly scary that there are two varieties of Mekhet. The raging or political ones that favor their physical or social aspects, or the scholarly or philosophical that strive for their mental aspects. Their mainstay is: Hollywood. They’re disciplined in: Auspex, Celerity, Obfuscate.

Nosferatu- Stealthy, strong, and terrifying. Aww, you ugly fucks. I think at least half of their population has degraded to looking like sci-fi aliens. Some have tolerable appearances though. Snaggle-teeth and Down’s Syndrome isn’t too bad, right? Lonely and in-denial, their frustration has brought them. Their stock is usually derived from social cast-offs and on the better end, secluded millionaires. They rely on their Composure or Strength, for the most part. Its hard to survive when you’re rejected and you know something. Their mainstay is: ... everywhere and Lancaster, which has its pros and cons. They’re disciplined in: Nightmare, Obfuscate, and Vigor.

Ventrue- Regal, commanding, and aristocratic. Power, property, wealth, and rank. These Kindred want power and wield it without much prejudice. Although they seek to place themselves in the limelight, they are often hard to kill. Ventrue are well connected, especially with eachother. Etiquette and pride, these are the bread-and-butter of these folk. Due to the changing socio-economic climate of Los Angeles, you start to see the Ventrue retread into detached pockets. Presence or Resolve is their focus. Their mainstay is: Santa Barbara, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills and Palos Verdes. They’re disciplined in: Animalism, Dominate, Resilience.

The Bloodlines

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