It is the eve of December 27th, 2009…

Thanks to the United States economic crisis, nearly 25% of the nation’s population is either freshly out of work or dying on the streets. Morale in the country is clinging on to faith and hope, awaiting the President’s plan to truly surface.

In the heat of Los Angeles, climate has taken an odd spill. Snow has started to pepper a region accustomed to the heat. The death toll from mere chill and sickness has begun to arise, while the corner-street “Jesus loves you!” promoters have begun sporting banners reading “The Rapture is here!”.

Despite the escalation of gang activities in the regions surrounding Downtown Los Angeles, gang drive-bys have become non-existent. Rumors of vigilante work have spread, speaking of some beastman keeping the justice in the destitute neighborhoods.

A few dozen miles north of Los Angeles, hillside passes have experienced icy roads that have caused pile-ups and a distinct incident of a toxic spill down into a neighborhood. Law enforcement and biohazard specialists have blocked off regions and evacuated homes.

Amidst all the brewing chaos that holiday season… all manners of supernatural were astir.


Zombies over Flowers